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EY Names Most Attractive Employers of Ukraine

Friday, 11 March 2016 16:44

For 2015 the candidates named more than 800 companies, which they consider the best employers of Ukraine, as EY survey says.

More than 1500 respondents reportedly took part in the survey with work experience in different spheres.

“Main criteria for the selection of employers and their priority ranking have not significantly changed for the previous year. Apart from the opportunities for growth and development, candidates more often mentioned the salary and company reputation on the market”, as the survey says.

Meanwhile, more than 70% of respondents mentioned the companies from such spheres as IT, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and professional services. The investment business and law are among the most popular branches.

Traditionally, the list of the most attractive spheres included the large international and Ukrainian companies with famous corporate and product brands.

Meanwhile, at once several representatives from IT field have been added to the list of top employers.

According to experienced candidates, the most attractive employers are Google, Japan Tobacco International, Kyivstar, Coca-Cola, Luxsoft, Microsoft, Nestle, Procter&Gamble, Ciklum as well as the auditing and consulting company of the Big Four. 

The key sources of information about employers reportedly are internet resources – as per results of the survey of 2015, each second candidate uses them.

According to experienced candidates, the largest obstacle in job search process is the limited number of vacancies in their specialization.

Moreover, 37% of respondents, answering this question, have indicated the high competition on labor market.

Such trend can be explained by the total reduction of the labor market in Ukraine in 2015. In the meantime, respondents very often specified the reasons, which directly depend on the employer. For example, more than 40% of respondents mentioned the unsatisfactory employment conditions.

The candidates are also ready to move for employment purposes within Ukraine, or abroad.

The percent of experienced candidates, who are ready to move within Ukraine, reduced by 4% versus 2014, but it still remains considerable – 6 out of 10 respondents are ready to consider such an opportunity.

Among experienced candidates the big cities are the most attractive for moving to – the majority of respondents have indicated Lviv (71%), Kyiv (66%) and Odessa (61%), as priority directions.

Versus the previous year, the percent of respondents, wishing to move for work abroad, has not almost changed and remains high (84%).

Among the most attractive countries for moving the candidates named Poland, USA and Germany.

As per results of express surveys of HR policies and practices, conducted by EY company in Ukraine, in 63% of companies, participating in the survey, there were employees, who moved abroad in 2015.

Meanwhile, most experts moved namely to those countries, which respondents named most of all.


Что для Вас криптовалюта?

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Новая эволюционная ступень финансовых отношений - 25.9%
Чем бы она не являлась, тема требует изучения и законодательного регулирования - 20.8%
Даже знать не хочу что это. Я – евро-долларовый консерватор - 6.2%
Очень выгодные вложения, я уже приобретаю и буду приобретать биткоины - 4.3%

29 августа вступила в силу законодательная норма о начислении штрафов-компенсаций за несвоевременную выплату алиментов (от 20 до 50%). Компенсации будут перечисляться детям

В нашей стране стоит сто раз продумать, прежде чем рожать детей - 33.3%
Лучше бы государство изобретало механизмы финансовой поддержки института семьи в условиях кризиса - 29.3%
Это не уменьшит числа разводов, но заставит отцов подходить к вопросу ответственно - 26.7%
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