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Meet the unknown. Using official sources for information about counterparty

(Part 2. Continued from №11 (2012)
Denis Zbanatskyy
enterprise director, lawyer


In the previous article we already mentioned the definition from the Commercial Code of Ukraine: "Entrepreneurship is an independent, proactive, systematic, at own risk economic activity carried out by economic entities (entrepreneurs) in order to achieve economic and social benefits and profit".

Among all the risks accompanying business (from changes in legislation to lack of demand), we are looking at risk of losses due to fraud. In this article we will continue to dwell on important and topical issue as predicting and reducing business risk resulting from dubious counterparties.

Note that, despite the existence of different ways of getting information, we only take into consideration legitimate sources.

In the previous article, readers already got acquainted with possibility of using formal and open to the public databases of the State Tax Service of Ukraine. Today, we are going to tell you where and how you can legally obtain information on registration data about the company, which may become your future partner.

This information is stored in the Unified State Register (hereinafter - USR). Unified State Register of legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs (USR) is an automated system of collection, storage, protection, registration and provision of information about legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs. According to Part 1, Art. 20 Law of Ukraine "On state registration of legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs", information contained in the USR is open and public, except registration numbers of taxpayers' account cards.

Since 2005 in Ukraine State Enterprise "Information Resource Centre" started its business activities. Today, based on Cabinet of Ministers Resolution "On Certain Issues of the State Registration Service" from 13.07.2011 № 816 said enterprise is referred under the control of the State Registration Service of Ukraine.

State Enterprise "Information Resource Centre" (hereinafter - SE IRC) is a technical manager uniform and state registers, which are managed by the State Registration Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. What does this mean? SE IRC carries out processing and storing unified and civil registers. And according to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine № 2009/5 dated 19.08.2011, the website of the Unified State Register, whose technical manager is SE IRC, displays information from the USR about legal persons, public authorities and local governments as legal entities, as well as information about individuals- entrepreneurs. We will use this information in order to become more familiar with a future partner.

The database that we need is in the "Search USR". As the name implies, the information is received from the Unified State Register of the State Registration Service of Ukraine. To find the required data, go to "Search USR" on the website of SE IRC. Then click on the empty "box" before the words "I agree to the terms of search in USR". These terms can be found by following the link "Search Terms" (by the way, there are no underwater rocks).

When we click on the "box", thus giving our agreement, three lines appear:


Legal entity

Search query

From the first two lines we choose one (depending on whom we are interested in). We consider two options for data search: an individual-entrepreneur and a legal entity.

First, let us find registration information about an individual - entrepreneur. To do so, in empty field of a search query we specify the data that for the system to select relevant information. The portal, when you click on an empty field, gives a prompt in the form of different search query combinations:

"To find an individual entrepreneur, type in the box "Search query":

ITN Code (Individual tax number) of the person. For example:1234567890


Name and/or name and/or surname of a person. For example: Shevchenko, Shevchenko Oleksandr, Shevchenko Oleksandr Volodymyrovych 


Прізвище та ініціали особи. For example: Shevchenko О. V. 


Series and number of passport of individual entrepreneurs who, because of their religious convictions, refuse from taking a taxpayer accont card registration number, as per the law

For example: АВ 123456. 


It should be noted that the number of hits, offered by the system at searching, is limited, so your query should be as accurately as possible. So it is necessary to give ITN code of the individual and EDRPOU code when searching for information on the legal entity.

To begin the process we need to click «Search», then the system will state the need for a security code. After that we get what we were looking for. USR displays the following information:



Individual entrepreneurs contact information


Location of the registration case

Nakhimovska district administration in Sevastopol

Date and name of the last registration action

29.11.2011 The state registration of amending the data on individual entrepreneur

Information on business activity/
Data on termination of business by an individual entrepreneur

is not in the process of termination"

Thus, we can get contact information of the person given at registration (phone number, email address) and location of registration case (it must coincide with the place of registration of the person). Also, we obtain relevant information on whether the individual -entrepreneur is registered. In this respect, in addition to "is not in the process of termination" there may be the following: "in a state of termination of business" and "terminated". To this, in order to avoid possible risks, employers should pay particular attention.

Now we will look for the information on the legal entity. This is done in the same way as we searched for the data on individual entrepreneur. Prompt of the SE IRC web resource this time suggests the following search options:

"To find a legal entity, type in the box "Search query":

Enterprise EDRPOU code. For example: 12345678


Company name or part thereof. For example: Information Resource Centre, company».

In USR there is more open source data on a legal entity than on an individual entrepreneur. So we get the information in this form:

"ID code of the entity


Full name of legal entity and abbreviated, if any


Location of the entity

25006, Kirovograd region, Kirovograd, Leninsky district, XXX street, building Х

Name of the legal entity


Legal entity’s contact information


Location of the registration file

Executive Committee of Kirovograd city council

Date and name of the last registration action

03.09.2011 Confirmation of data on the legal entity

Data on termination of business by the legal entity

is not in the process of termination".

Having obtained the right information, we can analyze it, compare with that obtained from other sources, and make a preliminary assessment of our future partner.

The above database is available on the SE IRC’s official website at: http://irc.gov.ua. Direct link to the "USR Search" database:


Next time we will talk about another official source of obtaining information on our partner. We wish you success and profitable business!

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