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Deadlines for main incoming documents

Lyudmila Shtepa


Dear readers, last time we reviewed existing in modern record-keeping the procedure for acceptance and processing of documents received by any organization. In this article I want to draw your attention to deadlines for key documents that have been accepted and registered in office service and reviewed by the agency head or his deputy.

Service management, according to its tasks, among other things, oversees timely consideration and passage taken for processing of incoming documents and monitors timing of their implementation.

As noted in the Standard instruction on document keeping with the central executive bodies, the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local executive bodies, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on November 30, 2011 № 1242 (p.190), the deadline of document can be set in the legal act, administrative documents or resolution of the head of institution (his deputy), which is written on resolution sheets for each input separately registered letter.

Terms of processing for incoming documents are calculated in calendar days from the date of their receiving (registration). If the last day of deadline falls on a non-working day (day off / holiday), the last day of performance period shall be the first working day after day off.

Among the list of incoming documents, received by organizations, special attention should be paid to implementation of core documents. The main documents received by institution include: decrees, orders and instructions of the President of Ukraine, requests and appeals of MPs of Ukraine, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers drafts for approval; protests orders, filing and resolution of the Prosecutor of Ukraine, requests for public information, appeals, letters of authorization and request letters from top-level institutions, telegrams and more. These documents are submitted to the head of institution upon registration.

So let’s consider deadlines for every single main document, implementation of which is subject to obligatory control.

Execution of decrees, orders and instructions of the President of Ukraine is done within 30 calendar days after the date of enactment of one of the following documents (provided that deadline for act or power of attorney is not specified).

Request from deputy of Ukraine is processed not later than fifteen day period from the date of its receipt, or such other period as is set by Supreme Council of Ukraine. Along requests from deputies of Ukraine, organizations may receive requests from deputies of local councils. Such requests are considered in the term, set by council.

Appeal from deputies of Ukraine shall be done within ten days from the date of registration. Failure of examination or processing the request from deputy of Ukraine within prescribed period by subject of making such request or application is compiled and sent in official letter stating the reason for need to continue period of consideration. However, even with the deadline extension, the period for deputy’s appeal may not exceed 30 calendar days from its receipt.

Draft acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine are agreed with authorities that they were sent, within the period specified by key developers of these acts.

The protest of prosecutor to act contrary to law and regulation of prosecutor to initiate disciplinary proceedings or proceedings on administrative violations are dealt with within ten days after receipt. Written prescription of prosecutor to eliminate violations of the law shall be implemented immediately.

Sometimes, organizations and institutions receive requests for public information from individuals, legal entities, and associations of citizens without legal entity. Terms of processing for such requests are no more than five working days from their receipt. However, depending on nature of such requests, the term may be different. If request relates to information necessary to protect life or liberty of a person, environment, food quality and consumer goods, accidents, natural hazards and other emergencies that have occurred or may occur and threaten safety of citizens, the answer to this request must be submitted no later than 48 hours after receiving request.

Resource administrator for requested information may extend the time for taking request for information up to 20 working days, but necessarily justifying such extension (request concerns a large amount of information, it requires searching through large amount of data, etc.). The need for extending request for information is sent by manager to requestor in corresponding letter, but no later than five working days after receiving (checking) this request.

The answer to appeals shall be provided within one month of its receipt. If you can not solve the addressed problems within the time limit director/deputy head of the institution sets a new deadline for this appeal, as in writing, notifies the person who filed appeal. In general, the overall deadline for appeals may not exceed 45 days.

Approved for processing by organization the letters of authorization and requesting letters from top-level institutions are processed as provided in these period. To process telegrams, which raises issues requiring urgent solution is set up to two days. Other telegrams are processed within ten days. Enforcement organization on processing aforementioned key documents, received by company, is performed by first deputy or deputy head in accordance with distribution of their functional responsibilities.

In structural units the direct control over processing documents is assigned to the person responsible for record keeping of unit. Responsibility for implementation of input document in specified period lies on persons specified in regulatory documents, resolutions supervisor, and direct performers. If document is processed by several staff agencies, the responsible for organizing implementation is an employee, which specified the first in resolution.

Dear readers! I wish you the proper and timely processing the tasks till our next meeting on the pages of magazine.

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