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Profession that has prospects

Olga Marchuk
economic observer


There is no unambiguous definition of term "audit" in international literature and practice. It comes from the Latin word “Audit”, which means as "one who listens". Accordingly, word "auditor" is derived from the Latin «auditor», which means "listener", "student", "follower"

First signs of audit in Ukraine are related to 1987-1989. During this period, at level of ministries of finance of the Union republics were created self-supporting control and audit groups and groups of inaudit to monitor activities of joint enterprises. In Ukraine, this was a subsidiary branch of "Inaudit" (Inaudit Ukraine).

"In 1991 I was working in an international company. On behalf of management it was necessary to inspect and make an opinion on current activities - says the vice-president of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Victoria Lisin. - At that time in Ukraine, few understand what audit is, and this test was my first experience in audit practice ... and impetus to learning new profession, which in years has become somewhat the meaning of my life.

Number of joint enterprises in Ukraine increased, foreign investors are accustomed to audit confirmation of financial and economic activities, liked to see such a system in Ukraine, thus giving impetus for profession development. In Kiev, February 14, 1992, the first Congress of Auditors approved Charter of public association - Association of Auditors of Ukraine. Organization was registered on July 4, 1992 on basis of the Law "On Public Associations". It united initiative group, which started writing law that would regulate profession basis.

"The law was passed during first assembly of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, - says Victoria Lisin. - We were just lucky that document was promoted engaged professionals who were both enthusiasts of audit business. Among them – V. Holovatch, T. Bernatovych, O. Zhuk, A. Kuzminskiy, I. Kashtanova, O. Kuzhel, V. Parkhomenko, I. Pylypenko, A. Savchenko, V. Sopko, S. Stolyarova, Y. Futoranska . We had support of National Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Vladimir Methodievich Pilipchuk, who at the time headed parliamentary committee on economic reform and economic management. He was a very educated man, often went to workshops, conferences, including in European countries, and "audit" for him was not a foreign word ...

Law defined legal principles of audit in Ukraine, aimed at creating a system of independent oversight to protect interests of owner. Organizational issues of creation and development of audit in Ukraine have been assigned with UPPO "Union of Auditors of Ukraine". This adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On Auditing" April 22, 1993 is considered the official beginning of audit as a profession in Ukraine. And yet - Ukraine became almost one of the first countries in the former Soviet Union, which got instrument that regulates profession".

"In accordance with provisions of legislation, namely the Union of Auditors of Ukraine and the Ministry of Statistics was assigned to organize implementation of the law, including establishment of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine. In addition, UAU was the only entity that created an independent public institution and mechanism of entry into profession, worked on creating structures of ACU, developed procedure for certification, methodological support, standards, participated in organizing training of auditors, reviewing and implementing international best practice standards in Ukrainian reality - says Victoria Lisin.

ACU was created in 1993 to implement legislation. Researchers of establishment of auditing as profession tend to think that it was the adoption of Law of Ukraine "On Auditing" that established a complete system of audit in our country. Today, we are more than 3.3 thousand certified auditors who provide services in 1550 audit firms and about 800 entrepreneurs-auditors acting individually by registering their audit activities.

In this case, the Union of Auditors of Ukraine is almost a thousand auditors. UAU has its branches in all regions of Ukraine and is the largest organization uniting people in this occupation. It has a fixed individual membership as individual auditors, who are certified auditors, recognize Charter of UAU, perform their obligations under it and pay membership fees. Collective members of UAU may be staff teams of audit firms.

For further development of audit in Ukraine UPPO "Union of Auditors of Ukraine" provided training for audit certification at regulatory framework, development and implementation in practice of auditing standards, continuous improvement of professional skills of auditors. Union pays special attention to ensuring independence of auditors and their compliance with auditing standards and the Code of Ethics of auditor, as well as to quality of audit services.

On occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with Resolution from October 15, 2002 № 1539 for significant contribution to creating of auditing, training and development of professional audit standards and audit standards awarded organization with Honorable diploma of award of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with Memory symbol. In 2004, a significant contribution to implementation of measures to reform accounting and auditing standards and professional holiday together with the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, Union of Auditors of Ukraine was awarded with Diploma of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Members of the UAU were repeatedly awarded with state orders and medals, received diplomas of CMU, they were granted the honorary title "Honored Economist of Ukraine".

The highest governing body of professional Ukrainian public organization "Union of Auditors of Ukraine" is a convention of delegates, which assembles once a year. This year, the twentieth congress was held on 29 March and is remarkable that new leadership was elected. Instead of long-term head Ivan Pylypenko, came Natalia Gayevska, voted for by the majority of delegates.

"For the 20-year period in auditing profession there were different times, moments of ups and downs - says Victoria Lisin. - We wanted to capture experience of neighbors while finding own way. After adoption of law on auditing, in 1996 was the abolition of art. 10 on mandatory audit. In 2000 certification process changed, in 2002 - the structure of training was established. In 2003 we have introduced international standards in work, and in 2004 - have implemented quality control. In 2006, decision was approved on activity of head of the Audit Chamber on professional basis, and in 2008 - established quality control committee. In 2009, with support of the State Committee on Entrepreneurship there were attempts to create a body of public monitoring the audit profession and attempt to perform Directive 43. 2010 presented to us another new registration for those who may conduct mandatory audits. In 2011, for non-conformity in national legislation in field of auditing Ukraine was excluded from the list of countries in transition".

There are plenty of issues left in development of audit work to date. Legal framework needs update, there is lack of teaching materials on auditing, lack of proper auditing experience. In addition, business culture is low; they do not really need financial control. In current environment companies extract from calculations the cost of audit and related services, which, in turn, deprives audit work.

There is something to work on. That is why the Union of Auditors of Ukraine decided to mark its 20-year anniversary with International scientific-practical conference where professionals, veterans of audit movement would gather to once again examine milestones in professional development, listen to international experts and decide which way to develop auditing. Since anyone, who has a little bit to do with this topic, understands that audit – is a profession that has a promising future.

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